Loners Together: A Sneak Peak

We have begun shooting my directorial debut, LONERS TOGETHER (cue squealing sounds) and this photo is a sneak peak of me and one of my co-stars, Gabriel Sommer. 
We begin shooting the rest of the film in October once we raise enough money and finish casting and everything else. If you read this blog or know who I am and believe I will make a weird and wonderful movie / have ever wanted to help me make my dreams (someone's nightmares) come true, please get in touch with me / email LONERSTOGETHERFOREVER@GMAIL.COM and let me know what you want to do to help - even if it's to send me $5 to help me buy my Vitamin B-12 gum.
No amount of money or idea is too little to help. This is the last I will be blogging for awhile.
Love, Carlen
Thank you, whoever you are reading this horrible blog anyway....☺